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The Oath of Matthew Habashy

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From the story arc "What Was Lost" given by Matthew Habashy.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-7.

Souvenir's Text

The Oath of Matthew Habashy

Sometimes when you look at city hall, you remember an oath that a man named Matthew Habashy gave you. He swore to do everything he could to help you fight the evils in Atlas Park in order to save the city and his wife. It reminds you of an experience you call...

What Was Lost

You were pointed to Matthew Habashy, who was looking for help in securing Atlas Park against the Hellions. You went into one of the neighborhoods and fought them off, helping the PPD retake the area. However, you discovered something sinister was being planned by the group.

You and Matthew Habashy dug deeper, discovering the Hellions had acquired dangerous magical artifacts from the destroyed MAGI vault in Galaxy and planned to enact something called the Ritual of Souls. Once completed, it would summon a demon from the underworld.

Matthew helped you investigate where this was taking place, despite the fact that his wife had recently died in the Galaxy City incident. After sneaking into one of the warehouses used by the Hellions, you discovered the office building where they planned on enacting the ritual!

You busted into the building and put a stop to the ritual, but discovered that it was actually Arachnos who had supplied the Hellions with the artifacts! You were also able to talk to Dana Habashy, Matthew's supposedly deceased wife, who revealed that Arachnos kidnapped survivors of Galaxy City and were planning on funding the gangs in Atlas to destabilize it for another invasion!

You and Matthew Habashy swore afterwards to do everything in your power to help the people of Atlas Park, stop Arachnos, and save his wife.

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