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The Mask of Mordrogar

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From the Story Arc "The Book and the Burning" given by Mr. Bocor.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 5-9.

Souvenir's Text

The Mask of Mordrogar

This mask was once worn by the self-styled Duke Mordrogar , a Hellion with dreams of grandeur fueled by a cursed journal. You fought with him and his organization over this book in an escapade you remember as:

The Book and the Burning

It all started when you were hired by the refined and thoroughly evil Mr. Bocor to recover a book given by Gadzul Oil to Emil Marcone as a gift during their attempt to negotiate a new contract to operate in Port Oakes. Mr. Bocor was interested because the book had a curse on it that made the owner more pliable, and that fact would be worth a lot in blackmail. You went to steal the book from the Marcone family, but found that the book had already been stolen by a group called the Hellions. Mr. Bocor was very cross, and placed you in retainer until the book was recovered.

You beat some Hellions heads in, and found their hideout. There, you encountered Hellions and members of the Legacy Chain, but not the book. You did find out that the leader of the Hellions on Port Oakes, the self-styled "Duke Mordrogar", thought he could use the book in a ritual to summon up demonic power.

You attacked the Hellions at the site of their ritual, fighting past the Legacy Chain and defeating the infernal being they had succeded in summoning. Mr. Bocor was quite pleased to have the book in his possession, and you could hear him begin scheming new horrid plans as you counted your considerable payment.

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