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The Hit List (Praetorian)

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From the Story Arc "Hit List" given by Chief Interrogator Washington.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

The Hit List

A pair of expensive and tasteful business cards from Mr. Charles Monroe, CEO of Syfotine Industries and Mrs. Erica Swift, CEO and Founder of Swift Microcomms, reminds you of a nasty affair you've come to remember simply as:

The Hit List

Chief Interrogator Washington recruited you to aid him in looking into a recent string of murders involving powerful corporate CEOs throughout Nova Praetoria. The seers clued you into a disturbance at the Karpo Corporation where you fought off Syndicate gangers and arrested Sigg Bowman, a Syndicate hitman. Unfortunately, Bowman had already assassinated his target, the CEO of Karpo Corporation, Danielle Fields. While Washington was sure that questioning Mr. Bowman would be fruitful, the revelation that Bowman's smart phone contained his hit list was of much greater importance.

Using Bowman's hit list you arrived at Syfotine Industries just as a full fledged shoot out began between apparently rival Syndicate gangs. You rescued Charles Monroe from his Syndicate captors and brought him in for questioning and his own protection. According to Monroe, Erica Swift, his industry rival and CEO of Swift Microcomms, has connections with the Syndicate, and it was by her orders that the hit team was sent.

The Chief Interrogator accompanied you to arrest and question Mrs. Swift who had surrounded herself with Syndicate bodyguards and herself displayed unregistered psychic powers. Apprehended, Mrs. Swift quickly confessed her invovlement with the Syndicate, but also that Charles Monroe was more than just her industry rival, he was her Syndicate rival as well. Monroe had recently left police protection and returned to his office, most likely to destroy evidence and leave town.

Storming Syfotine Industries you confronted Monroe and his loyal Syndicate muscle. Once beaten he explained that a full fledged power struggle was unfolding within the Syndicate ranks. This revelation revealed that the CEOs being murdered were all casualties of a war amongst Praetoria's criminal underground, and consequently, the industrial elite. But the cause for the war is something that neither Monroe nor Swift appeared to be willing to discuss with the Chief Interrogator, yet.

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