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The Clock Face

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From the Story Arc "Clock Face" given by Alec Parson.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

The Clock Face

Sometimes, when you see a Clockwork, you think back to Alec Parson and your defeat of the entity known as Metronome. It's a case that you've come to remember as...

The Clock Face.

It all started when Alec Parson, a senior forensics scientist working at M.I.C.I.R., needed help disabling some Clockwork who had gone berserk in the M.I.C.I.R. labs. You discovered that the Clockwork were being controlled by some sort of remote signal, and disabling the signal carrier caused the Clockwork to revert to their normal functions.

Parson discovered that the Clockwork had been snooping through the M.I.C.I.R. databases looking for the location of some Clockwork parts. According to some schematics Parson located inside one of the Clockwork in the lab they were aiming to construct some sort of new prototype. You went down to Imperial Storage to head off the Clockwork before they could steal the parts and brought them back to Parson to study.

Parson was worried, however, that a colleague of his, Susan Beck, might be in danger. He had sent her the strange schematics and was talking to her about them when their connection was cut. You went over to Omnitek to make sure she was alright and discovered the place was overrun by more of the strange speaking Clockwork. After rescuing Susan you discovered that the attack on Omnitek was designed to lure you away from M.I.C.I.R. and Parson so that the Clockwork could attack there without you interfering. You raced back to M.I.C.I.R. and rescued Alec Parson.

Parson started searching for signals around the city similar to the original carrier signal and he pinpointed one in Megalith Storage. You arrived at Megalith intent on putting an end to the Clockwork attacks and instead found the place crawling with Syndicate agents. Apparently their people had fallen victim to a round of thefts from the same Clockwork.

Parson put two and two together and realized that the Clockwork weren't being controlled by a radio signal but rather a psychic signal. He scanned through the Seer records and discovered that with each case of the Clockwork attacking the Seers had detected a sudden psychic surge. Cross referencing that to Clockwork activity the event coincided with sudden signal loss to Clockwork. A surge had just occurred at an old abandoned tech lab, Parson was certain that the Clockwork were there. You arrived and Parson's transmission to you was cut. A booming mechanical voice came over the communicator warning you to stay out of its business. It called itself Metronome. You proceeded anyway and encountered a small army of prototypes being built by Metronome and destroyed them. With the army destroyed and no sign of the psychic responsible for their construction, you returned to Parson to get him caught up. Parson was intrigued with the possibility that the person calling itself Metronome could very well be Dr. Russel Brandt, one of the scientists responsible for the invention of the Clockwork alongside Dr. Raymond Keyes. He had died mysteriously a month before they were unveiled. Whether the good doctor had returned from the dead, or if Metronome was some sort of virus installed in all the Clockwork remained a mystery.

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