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The City Scoop

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The City Scoop was a fan-based City of Heroes publication. It attained semi-official status in being officially recognized by the NCsoft community representatives. It was posted by a community representative in a special forum inaccessible to other posters, and it was often linked to from the Game Client's launcher application.

Publication was on a weekly basis. Some issues may be found on the Internet Archive's snapshot of the Announcements official forum.


The staff was composed of City of Heroes players. At Sunset, the team was composed of the following:



  • Bowfling - By Popular Request, Point/Counter Point
  • Plater - Content Watch
  • HexGirl - Fashion
  • Hostile_V - Humor
  • Lattice - Comic
  • Rastafari_Man - Top Ten Lists
  • TopDoc - Under The Hood
  • Otterine - Why I Joined...
  • Blood Spectre - Rogue Isles Legend
  • PhoenixRaz - Copy Editor


  • HumanMiracle - The People On
  • EmperorSteele - Spandex Spotlight


  • peterpeter - Wentworth's
  • Spmurphy - Black Market


  • MistressNoire

Fan Fiction

  • Mr_Grey


  • Lady Athyna
  • LiquidX


  • EnnVee

PvP Correspondent

  • Neuronia

Event Reporter

  • White_Gravel


  • Mantid - Lead
  • Frost
  • Snow_Globe

Additional Staff

  • Lemur_Lad
  • Bonker
  • Marcian_Tobay
  • SpaceNut