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The Amber Widow

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From the Story Arc "Jessica Megan Duncan#The Widow in Red" given by Jessica Megan Duncan.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-50.

Souvenir's Text

The Amber Widow

You have kept the Amber Widow as a souvenir of the story you refer to as

The Widow in Red

Jessica Megan Duncan, known in the hero community as Ms. Liberty, approached you to undertake the task of reuniting Lord Recluse with his long dead lover, Red Widow. Her position in Longbow has given her intel from the PSYOPS division that Lord Recluse needs a calming influence in his life and that Red Widow is just the person to do so. You were tasked with assembling the ingredients and finding the ritual that would bring her back from the dead, and in doing so gathered the Amber Widow, three Obols (ancient Greek coins), a bottle containing a dying breath, and the ritual itself.

Within the mountain where Lord Recluse and Statesman fought Longbow PSYOPS constructed a summoning circle. It was at this circle that you performed the ritual to resurrect Red Widow, bringing her back from the dead. And come back she did, not with love in her heart, but hatred. Hatred for Lord Recluse and a passion to kill him where he stood.

You then learned that because you used your own blood to bring Red Widow back to life, your life force has been temporarily tied to hers. Coupled with the fact that Arbiter Daos has put a death mark on Red Widow, in order to protect Lord Recluse, it's only a matter of time before her death would bring about your own. Fortunately, DJ Zero, the proprietor of Pocket D, had a plan for you to make Red Widow fall in love with Lord Recluse all over again. The bow and arrow belonging to Cupid were key in bringing her out of her insane state. You were able to steal the bow from Countess Crey and the arrow from the Carnival of Shadows.

Armed with the bow and arrow of Cupid, you made your way to Grandville, dispatched several of Arbiter Daos' assassins and then was able to shoot Red Widow herself. When hit with the arrow she saw Lord Recluse and fell in love with him again. Unfortunately it seems that the leader of Arachnos was not calmed by being reunited with her, but was infused with even more motivation to take over the world, as now he has someone to share it with.

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