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Thank You Letters

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From the Story Arc "Lay Down Your Burdens" given by Sondra Costel.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-7.

Souvenir's Text

Thank You Letters

You started receiving numerous thank you letters from the people of Hyperion Way. Many of them are from the refugees of Galaxy, others are from residents of Hyperion Way, all thanking you for your help in stopping the Skulls and recovering the food supplies for everyone. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Lay Down Your Burdens

It began when you were introduced to Sondra Costel by Matthew Habashy. Sondra explained that the people in Hyperion Way were beginning to riot over the lack of food supplies in the area. You tried to calm down a protest that was being led by a hero called Icedrone. He refused to stop the rally, but also revealed that there were a group of Skulls nearby causing havoc. You went to stop the Skulls and found out that they were actually recruiting people in Hyperion Way to join their gang, stating that they could feed them.

You were able to find out where they were meeting and worked together with a reporter named Deborah Rosenfeld to get more information from them. It was all but confirmed that the Skulls were somehow stealing all the food supplies that the government was sending in for the refugees!

Before recovering the supplies, you stopped the Skulls from terrorizing an area of Hyperion Way where people were trying to convince others to not join the Skulls. You then busted into one of their warehouses, found all of the missing food, and defeated the Skulls who were in charge of the operations.

Sondra and the FBSA ensured that the food supplies would be given back to the people of Hyperion Way.

One of the final letters you read thanks you for reuniting the community of Hyperion Way, and giving the people back their hope and faith in their fellow man and super hero.

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