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Temporary Power: St. Louis Slammer

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E ICON MeritToken.png Reward Merit Purchase

This recipe cannot be purchased at a Reward Merit Vendor.

AlignmentMerit.png Alignment Merit Purchase

This recipe cannot be purchased with Alignment Merits.

Recipe Power.png

This recipe cannot be bought from stores. It must be obtained by defeating enemies, from another player at the Auction House, or by trading. It is an uncommon drop.

This recipe may be sold to a store for 1,000 inf. However, other players may be willing to pay more for it through the Auction House.

This recipe is considered level 1 for crafting purposes. The requirements for crafting this enhancement are:

Level Crafting Requirements
Inf Invention Salvage
1 500 Salvage Boresight.png 1 Boresight Salvage Ring.png 1 Luck Charm

Salvage SyntheticOrgans.png 1 Improvised Cybernetic Salvage MagicalWard.png 1 Rune


Salvage SkyRaiderWeapon.png 1 Kinetic Weapon Salvage Scrolls.png 1 Fortune

Temp Melee Heavy.png St. Louis Slammer Melee Smash, Med Dam, Knockback
There is nothing like slugging someone in the head with this baseball bat. This has a chance of knocking your opponents down. It can be used 30 times before it breaks.
Charges 30 uses
Effects Melee
Foe Dam(Smashing)