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Temporary Power: Ethereal Shift

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E ICON MeritToken.png Reward Merit Purchase

This recipe cannot be purchased at a Reward Merit Vendor.

AlignmentMerit.png Alignment Merit Purchase

This recipe cannot be purchased with Alignment Merits.

Recipe Power.png

This recipe cannot be bought from stores. It must be obtained by defeating enemies, from another player at the Auction House, or by trading. It is a rare drop.

This recipe may be sold to a store for 5,000 inf. However, other players may be willing to pay more for it through the Auction House.

This recipe is considered level 1 for crafting purposes. The requirements for crafting this enhancement are:

Level Crafting Requirements
Inf Invention Salvage
1 10,000
Salvage MercuryCircuits.png 1 Computer Virus Salvage Scrolls.png 1 Spell Scroll Salvage DataFiles.png 1 Daemon Program Salvage ParagonPoliceFiles.png 1 Page from the Malleus Mundi

Salvage CircuitBoard.png 1 Circuit Board Salvage TsooInk.png 1 Spell Ink Salvage SkyRaiderDevice.png 1 Data Drive Salvage Cloak.png 1 Mu Vestment


Salvage TemporalAnalyzer.png 1 Temporal Analyzer Salvage HellishTooth.png 1 Spirit Thorn Salvage AbberantTech.png 1 Temporal Tracer Salvage ShivanEctoplasm.png 1 Hamidon Goo

Temporary ResonanceDisrupter.png Ethereal Shift Self Intangible
You can shift yourself into the Ethereal Plane. Although you do not become completely invisible, you are translucent and hard to see. You are intangible, and cannot affect or be affected by those in normal space. Once activated, you will remain shifted for 30 seconds. You cannot rest on the Ethereal Plane. You may use this ability five times.
Charges 5 uses
Effects Self
Intangible (30 Seconds)