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This template is for use on Tip Missions. There are four variables.

  1. align1 = Must be either Hero or Villain. (Required)
  2. choice1 = What the first alignment choice box says. (Required)
  3. align2 = If present, must be either Vigilante or Rogue. (Optional)
  4. choice2 = What the second alignment choice box says. (Required if align2 is used)


{{TipChoice|align1=Hero|choice1=Hero Choice Text|align2=Vigilante|choice2=Vigilante Choice Text}}

{{TipChoice|align1=Villain|choice1=Villain Choice Text|align2=Rogue|choice2=Rogue Choice Text}}

{{TipChoice|align1=Hero|choice1=Hero Choice Text}}

{{TipChoice|align1=Villain|choice1=Villain Choice Text}}