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For use on Paragon Market and related pages.

{{PMarket Row|<Item Name>|<PP>|<Description>|<VIPs?>}}

There are four parameters, which are all technically optional, but all but VIP result in ?? if left out.

  • The first parameter is for the item name as listed on the market interface. Use a singular name if it comes in packs (i.e. Mission Architect Story Slot instead of Mission Architect Story Slot x5).
  • The second parameter, for Paragon Points, automatically translates the PP cost into the various real-world currencies.
  • The third parameter, is for a human-readable "long description" of the item.
  • The fourth parameter should be a Y if the item is included for free for VIPs, and should be left out if it is not.


{{PMarket Start}}
{{PMarket Row|Standard Points Bundle|400|Example 1}}
{{PMarket Row|Super Duper Awesome Powerset|800|Example 2|Y}}
{{PMarket Row|Free Stuff|0|Example 3}}
{{PMarket Row}}
Item PP Date Added Info VIP $ US € EU £ UK
Standard Points Bundle 400 Example 1 ?? $5.00 €3,98 £3.20
Super Duper Awesome Powerset 800 Example 2 Y $10.00 €7,97 £6.41
Free Stuff 0 Example 3 ?? $0.00 €0,00 £0.00
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??