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This template can be used to link to a specific type of enemy.

Format: {{Named|Faction=|Type=|Text=|Rank=|Role=}}

  • Faction is the name of the group the NPC belongs to.
  • Type (optional) is the actual type of the NPC. If there are multiple types (i.e. Malta Operatives has a Lieutenant Gunslinger and a Boss Gunslinger, with the links being Malta Operatives#Gunslinger and Malta Operatives#Gunslinger 2 respectively), then type must be the link to the correct type.
  • Text (optional) is the text to use when there are multiple types. For example, to link to the above Malta Operative boss, you can use {{Named|Faction=Malta Operatives|Type=Gunslinger 2|Text=Gunslinger}}.
  • Rank (optional) is the rank of the NPC. Examples: Pet, Underling, Boss, Elite Boss, Hero, Archvillain
  • Role (optional) is the relationship of the NPC to players. Examples: Enemy, Ally, Civilian, Neutral


Markup Result
{{Named|Faction=Malta Operatives}} (Malta Operatives)
{{Named|Faction=Malta Operatives|Type=Gunslinger}} (Malta Operatives Gunslinger)
{{Named|Faction=Malta Operatives|Type=Gunslinger 2|Text=Gunslinger}} (Malta Operatives Gunslinger)
{{Named|Faction=Malta Operatives|Type=Gunslinger 2|Text=Gunslinger|Rank=Boss|Role=Ally}} (Malta Operatives Gunslinger Boss, Ally)