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This template generates an invention salvage item, with a picture of the salvage, its quantity, and its name, pluralized if needed, which is a link to that salvage's page. It does not support other types of salvage, including base salvage.


{{ISalvage|salvage name|quantity|level range|single level}}


salvage name
This is the name of the salvage, as spelled out in the game. Sorry, there are no abbreviations.
This is how many salvage is/are needed.
level range
This is the level range the salvage is used for. This is not used in the template itself, and is optional, but it allows generated "salvage used by" lists to show the applicable level range.
single level
This is the level the salvage is used for, for those recipes (costume parts and temp powers) which are only for one level. Use either this parameter or level range, but not both.


There are three different usage cases.

If the item to be crafted has a level range, then it should be called like this:

{{ISalvage|salvage name|quantity|level range}}

If the item to be crafted can only be crafted for a single level (such as Costumes, which are level 1, or Purple IOs, which are level 5), then it should be called like this (notice that there are two pipes after quantity--they're both required!):

{{ISalvage|salvage name|quantity||level}}

If the item to be crafted is not level restricted (such as base salvage), then it should be called like this:

{{ISalvage|salvage name|quantity}}

If the actual salvage piece is not currently known, or a placeholder is needed for the salvage, use ? as the salvage name. It will display as "Unknown Salvage" and use the generic clue question mark icon, and the page will be added to Recipes Missing Salvage



Salvage Boresight.png 1 Boresight


Salvage Boresight.png 2 Boresights

{{ISalvage|Volume of the Obsidian Librum|2}}

Salvage Demonlogica.png 2 Volumes of the Obsidian Librum