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This template is used to create part of an Invention Origin Enhancement/Recipe article. It specifies what aspects of a power the enhancement improves. It also introduces the table that is created by the template intended to follow this one.

This template should not be used on enhancements that only provide global effects or procs. However, if the enhancement provides a global effect or proc as well as enhances some aspect of the power, then this template can still be used.


This template takes one, two, three, or four arguments. These arguments should be the aspects of the power that are enhanced by the template. Some examples:

{{IOEffectPreamble|accuracy|damage|recharge time}}
{{IOEffectPreamble|accuracy|damage|recharge time|endurance use}}

For the sake of uniformity, here is a list of how the aspects are usually described:

  • accuracy
  • confuse duration
  • damage
  • damage absorption
  • defense
  • defense debuff
  • endurance modification
  • endurance use
  • fear
  • flight speed
  • healing
  • hold duration
  • immobilization duration
  • interrupt time
  • jumping distance
  • knockback distance
  • range
  • recharge time
  • resistance
  • running speed
  • sleep duration
  • speed reduction
  • stun duration
  • taunt duration
  • tohit buff
  • tohit debuff

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