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The IOEffect template and its subpage templates are used to generate the percentage enhancement provided by an IO for a given schedule and number of aspects.


This is actually a family of templates. The base template {{IOEffect}} and its four children ({{IOEffect/A}}, {{IOEffect/B}}, {{IOEffect/C}}, {{IOEffect/D}}) should usually not be used directly. Instead, the sixteen grandchildren templates (listed below) should be used directly. However, the prior templates all exist as a convenience in case a pipe is used instead of a slash; it also helps to conveniently group the templates together.

  Schedule A Schedule B Schedule C Schedule D
1 Aspect {{IOEffect/A/1}} {{IOEffect/B/1}} {{IOEffect/C/1}} {{IOEffect/D/1}}
2 Aspects {{IOEffect/A/2}} {{IOEffect/B/2}} {{IOEffect/C/2}} {{IOEffect/D/2}}
3 Aspects {{IOEffect/A/3}} {{IOEffect/B/3}} {{IOEffect/C/3}} {{IOEffect/D/3}}
4 Aspects {{IOEffect/A/4}} {{IOEffect/B/4}} {{IOEffect/C/4}} {{IOEffect/D/4}}

The above templates all take one argument: the level of interest. So as an example, {{IOEffect/A/3|25}} will yield 16.0.

If the level provided is out of range, 0 will be returned. If the number provided is in range but the enhancement effect is not known, ? will be returned. (Note that an estimate could be calculated, but due to rounding the in-game numbers vary slightly. Thus, only known values from in-game are provided in the tables.)

As a special case, a level of "purple" will yield the value of a level 50 very rare invention enhancement. Thus, {{IOEffect/A/1|purple}} yields 53.0.