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|- valign="top" | align="center" | Power Missing.png  | [[{{{badge1}}}]]   | Power Missing.png  | [[{{{badge2}}}]]   |     |  


should be able to replace cellpadding="0" with any CSS for creating tables


top (optional)
This actually defines the valign option. On badge badges, it's best to have it valign=top, but some pages are better suited to valign=center
image name resized to 20px by default. Do not include the brackets and Image:. i.e. icon=Badge_villain_council.png not icon=[[Image:Badge_villain_council.png|size=20px]]
For the Mission Accomplishment badges, use 27px Badge stature 02.png Badge tourist 01.png Badge stature 02.png
For the extra wide Task force Accomplishment badges, use 53px Badge task force 04.png Badge tourist 01.png Badge task force 04.png
Name of badge, use full name
Accomplishment, Achievement, Exploration, History, etc
VERY brief description
Zone name, general location, and exact /loc coordinates
Currently using an indented numbered list.
:# [[zone name]] (x, z, y,)
:# [[zone name2]] (x, z, y,)
Mission name or who gives it.
Who and/or how many to defeat.