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Earn {{{amount}}} {{{inf1}}} by defeating foes and completing missions. Market sales or trades between characters do not count toward this badge. This amount does not need to be in your inventory; your character's total earned {{{inf2}}} is stored server-side.

Designed for Inf earned badges.

This way the howto can be modified for all articles at once.


  • amount= amount of influence (100,000 or 2,000,000,000 or whatever)
  • inf1= differs between hero and villain and hero/villain badges.
    • recommended entries:
      1. Influence
      2. Infamy
      3. Influence or Infamy
  • inf2= shorter version of what goes in inf1 so that the rest of the template doesn't repeat itself.
    • recommended entries:
      1. influence
      2. infamy
      3. inf (for both)