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Template:Emotes Animation Header

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Parameter Use Example Default Value
count Specify the number of columns to span with the table title. There is currently no support for multi-row emote animation tables 2 1
title Specify a title for the box Emote HandsUp {{PAGENAME}}

Creates the first part of a table displaying multiple animated GIFs of an emote. This template is intended for use on Emote {EMOTENAME} pages.

The title parameter can be used to specify the title of the table, rather than using the current page name. Note that since the default value for title is {{PAGENAME}}, and this template is designed for use on the various Emote Animation pages.

Code Output
{{Emotes Animation Header|count=2|title=Emote Experiment}}

{{Emotes Animation|emote=Emote Experiment1}}
{{Emotes Animation|emote=Emote Experiment2}}
{{Emotes Animation Footer}}

Some animations may be large and take a long time to load
Emote Experiment
Ghost Widow Emote Experiment1.gif Ghost Widow Emote Experiment2.gif

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