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The Character List family of templates allows you to generate a character list. There are three templates:

The general format for usage is:

{{Character List Header|Global=}}
{{Character Row|Name=|Level=|Archetype=|Powerset=|Server=}}
{{Character List Footer}}

You can repeat {{Character Row}} once for each character.

Here is an example of the template code with values supplied:

{{Character List Header|Global=@Digitizer}}
{{Character Row|Name=Digitizer|Level=50|Archetype=Controller|Powerset=Illusion Control/Kinetics|Server=Virtue}}
{{Character Row|Name=MrT|Level=49|Archetype=[[Tanker]]|Powerset=[[Invulnerability]]/[[Super Strength]]|Server=Triumph}}
{{Character List Footer}}

The above example would render like this:

Name SL AT Powersets Server
Digitizer 50 Controller Illusion Control/Kinetics Virtue
MrT 49 Tanker Invulnerability/Super Strength Triumph