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This template is used under the "Additional Information" section on base item pages.

{{Base Additional Info
  • Type = What type of item.
  • Price = How much prestige it costs to place the item.
  • Rent = How much upkeep it adds to rent.
  • Issue = Which issue it was released.
  • Unlocked = [[Link Badge|Link]] to which badge unlocks the item.
  • DeviceRank = List the rank number if there are more than one ranks of similar items.
  • PowerUsed = How much energy this item uses.
  • ControlUsed = How much control this item uses.
  • PowerProduced = How much energy this item produces.
  • ControlProduced = How much control this item produces.
  • Crafted = [[Link]] to where it is crafted.
  • BuyTab = Which purchase tab the item is listed under.
  • ToCraft = [[Link]] to which items it crafts (if few; otherwise, separate the list).
  • Salvage = List which salvage it takes to craft it.
  • Effects = Mostly for defensive items, list its PvP effects.
  • MaxCon = Maximum number of auxiliary connections.
  • Attaches = [[Link]] to which item it is an auxiliary for.
  • AllowedAux = [[Link]] to which items are allowed as auxiliaries.
  • ArcaneEq = [[Link]] to equivalent arcane item on a tech item page. Use only one Eq.
  • TechEq = [[Link]] to equivalent tech item on an arcane item page. Use only one Eq.

All options except Prestige, Crafted, and AllowedAux will not show up if they are left out or there is no input. If Prestige is not present or has no input, it will simply link to prestige. If Crafted is not present or has no input, it will automatically show up with "Not Crafted" as the result. If both Attaches and AllowedAux are not present or have no input, then AllowedAux will automatically show up with "None" as the result.


Crafted Item

{{Base Additional Info
|Issue=[[Issue 6]]
|Unlocked=[[Some Random Badge|Some Random]]
|Crafted=[[Advanced Worktable]]
|Salvage=Recipe1Item Recipe1Item Recipe1Item
Recipe2Item Recipe2Item Recipe2Item
|Effects=Makes a Big Boom
|AllowedAux=[[Another Item]]
|ArcaneEq=[[Item The Third]]

Base Element Type Control
Price 10,000 prestige
Issue Added Issue 6
Unlocked by Some Random
Device Rank 2
Energy Consumed 50
Control Produced 1000
Crafted at Advanced Worktable
Salvage Required Recipe1Item Recipe1Item Recipe1Item

Recipe2Item Recipe2Item Recipe2Item

Effects Makes a Big Boom
Maximum Connections 2
Allowed "Aux" Items Another Item
Arcane Equivalent Item The Third

Purchased Item

{{Base Additional Info
|Issue=[[Issue 13]]
|BuyTab=''Tab Name'' Tab
|ToCraft=[[Some Other Item]]
Price 10,000 prestige
Upkeep Cost 100 prestige
Issue Added Issue 13
Control Consumed 25
Energy Produced 500
Crafted at Not Crafted
Purchase Tab Tab Name Item Tab
Used to Craft Some Other Item
Allowed "Aux" Items None