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Taskmaster Gabriel

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Icon vip.png Requires a VIP subscription.


Taskmaster Gabriel
Taskmaster Gabriel.jpg
Zone Dark Astoria
Coordinates (6170, 0, 2622)
Level Range 50
Introduced By none
Introduces none
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Taskmaster Gabriel is a hero and villain contact in the The Bulwark neighborhood of Dark Astoria at coordinates (6170, 0, 2622). His level range is 50. He is available by phone immediately after the initial introduction.

Taskmaster Gabriel provides 2 empyrean merits once a week for completing all six story arcs in Dark Astoria. Note that credit is not given retroactively for arcs completed before Gabriel's appearance.


Contact Introduced By

  • None

Contact Introduces

  • None



Initial Contact

Hail, Character. I am Taskmaster Gabriel. I have arrived here within Dark Astoria to witness this contest of strength between the darkness here and the powers that inhabit Primal Earth.

My goal here is to simply observe and reward those who have proven their strength against powerful foes.

Taskmaster Gabriel will reward players who are security level 50 two Empyrean merits for weekly completions of all the Dark Astoria story arcs. Accepting Taskmaster Gabriel's mission may reveal spoilers for Dark Astoria content.

  • Prove your might
EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

All VIP players receive the above initial dialogue, however only level 50 VIP players are given the opportunity to continue and prove their might. Doing so begins the mission briefing below.


  • Are you ready to show your power, Character?

Not High Enough Level

You are brave, Character, but not brave enough. Return to me when you have reached security level 50, then we shall talk.

Not a VIP

You must become a VIP in order to access this contact.

Too Busy

You have many things to tend to, Character.


  • None


Prove Your Might


To prove your strength, you must face the obstacles that this cursed city has created for you. They will hone your abilities and make you stronger than ever. I shall know when you have completed them, whether it be in your present time, or through the use of time travel. Shall we begin?

  • Yes, let's begin.

Excellent. Speak with me after you have faced everything this cursed city has to throw at you.

Complete all of the Dark Astoria arcs and speak with Taskmaster Gabriel again. You may complete them normally, or through Ouroboros.

Unnecessary Solicitation

If the cooldown is not yet complete:

XX days remain before you can claim your reward.

If cooldown is complete:

You must complete all the arcs within Dark Astoria to claim your Empyrean merits.

Player responses when none are completed (as each is completed it vanishes from the list):

(Heather Townshend arc not completed)
(Mu'Vorkan arc not completed)
(Max final mission completed)
(Praetor Duncan arc not completed)
(Sister Solaris arc not completed)
(Dream Doctor arc not completed)

Mission Objective(s)

  • Complete all of the Dark Astoria arcs


Your might is proven, Character. You have earned the mark of the Empyrean.

Should you wish to challenge yourself once more, speak to me again.

You have earned two Empyrean merits. You may claim another two Empyrean merits in a week if you complete all of the Dark Astoria content once more.