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>_> the fun fact here, is that Villains bases have a huge advantage over heroes. Since CoV has only half as many base beacons, villains can easily run all non-pvp base functions of on the purchasable power plants, thus saving enough money to afford a whole plot size, or the largest control Main. Heroes have to have the first salvage made generator just to run all the teleporters, much less the other base items like tables and rezers. Happily, with the energy requirement of Beacons removed, it isn't as bad as it was (Beacons used to require 10 energy, this was removed with the base rent patch). Still, this gives villains a rather odd advantage, if the IoP base raids ever actually happen.. --Sleepy Kitty 01:11, 24 February 2007 (PST)

How Things Work

o,o been thinking about adding this for awhile as its a fun example of how some of the CoF systems work.. anyway, I'm putting this here because I'm not really sure where to integrate it yet ^^

Supergroup exploration badges are a prime example of the city of franchises experimental and diverse badge system started in issue 2. While the system has been overhauled several times since then and had its capabilities expanded, the "supergroup" badges mostly take advantage of some of the early functionality of the system, that of the 2 main types of original badges. Those that the account can interact with, and those that are applied as invisible flags that posses their own Database tracking number and characteristics, but at no time does the account user know they're there.

First of all, one must understand that a Supergroup is itself an account, one that members in it belong to, and not a group that belongs to its members. The Supergroup owns its own inventory, money, "costume", base, and most importantly, badges.

bit skip here, fill in...

  • what badges are
  • sg mode is

end notes

Each time a member of the supergroup passes over an exploration badge, several things happen. To start, a basic check is done to see if the entities present already have the badge. Next, if it isn't there for either the actual player there, or the sg, then it is awarded. The player will get a message proclaiming that they have unlocked a badge, and said badge to go with it, while the supergroup will unlock an identical badge, that is invisible to it. Once all of a set of badges is obtained, then a "Beacon", similar to a players accolades, is unlocked with the player getting a congratulatory message, and the sg account, the badge. Through this method, it is perhaps easiest to allow the individual child accounts to the supergroup to fulfill individual requirements and not force only select persons to be responsible for unlocking content.

  • comments about how this is used to work on accomplishment badges
  • potential future uses that probably will be back burnered till i15

Pocket D

Does Pocket D have teleport beacons yet? The links are showing up in the wanted pages. ~ AGGE talk/cons 06:57, 19 September 2010 (UTC)