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Sunstorm's forum account is no longer a redname. When asked at PAX East about Sunstorm's dev status, Mod 8 simply replied that he couldn't comment.

Saving the intro post

Ex Libris

Jonathan "Sunstorm" Courney joined our team early this year and has proven to be an instrumental player in several disciplines. Jonathan started his industry career doing various projects ranging from testing, programming and level design. In Issue 13 Sunstorm has been key in working out powers under Castle, and working on the Base forefront. When he lets his hair down you can find Jonathan actively involved in the following hobbies: Video Games, Hiking, Martial Arts, Game Modding/Programming, Writing, and nearly anything Sci-Fi. Join the community in a warm welcome to Sunstorm here!
Today Sunstorm will be shedding some light into the upcoming Base changes and repricing structures. You can catch up on that discussion here, and if you are a Base Editor, Sunstorm has been reading your feedback here! You can find response to the questions posed here: Issue 13 Base Q&A


Hey everyone! It’s a real pleasure to finally be able to address everyone in person.
Aside from being involved in the game industry for some time, I’ve been a long time fan of City of Heroes since Issue 3. I’ve been through the rough patches and the great issues, and it really is an honor to work with such a great crew of developers and work with such a great crowd on the forums and in game.
I’ll be working with Castle on designing new game features and setting up new powers. I’ll also be primarily responsible for Bases and a number of other things to come.
Simply said, here’s looking at the future and all the great things to come.

And yes, it really is all a Nemesis Plot.