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I changed a couple items. Here's why:

  • IMPORTANT: MNU files must have a blank line at the top.

- Not quite true. The Menu (.mnu) file must have at least one line containing a carriage return at the end of the line above the first "Menu" entry. It can be blank, a full comment, or just the comment tag (//) or any number of those lines. - Also reordered the "Notes" section so that Comments were discussed first before referring to them in the "IMPORTANT" note.

  • Inspiration and power names with spaces can be used in commands by replacing the spaces with an underscore (for example, Catch_a_Breath). They would normally be enclosed in quotes on the client command line, but the MNU files do not recognize nested pairs of quotes.

- It's true that the COH Command Interpreter doesn't appear to recognize nested quotes, but there's no nesting issues with Inspirations or Powernames with spaces in them. You just surround the entire command portion in one set of quote marks like this: Option "Assault Bot &1" "powexecname Assault Bot"

- Changed the SYNTAX entry to show what a sub-menu would look like.

- A few other minor clarifications --8691RGI 04:24, 12 June 2009 (UTC)