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Talk:Option toggle (Slash Command)

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I'm wondering about the warning of crash problems. I've used this command on many actual true Option Toggles without anything even remotely resembling a crash. I'd guess that using it on an Option that is some other value than just a binary on/off flag, such as ChatBubbleColor1--which needs a hex color code, is the real problem with potential crashes. If that assumption is true, then the following Options have a potential to crash the game due to the fact that they use values other than a binary on/off flag and should only be used with the OptionSet command:

  • AutoAcceptTeamLevelAbove
  • AutoAcceptTeamLevelBelow
  • ChatBubbleColor1
  • ChatBubbleColor2
  • ContactSort
  • DefaultChatFontSize
  • MapOptions
  • MouseScrollSpeed
  • MouseSpeed
  • ShowArchetype
  • ShowAssistReticles
  • ShowPlayerBars
  • ShowPlayerReticles
  • ShowSupergroup
  • ShowVillainBars
  • ShowVillainName
  • ShowVillainReticles
  • SpeedTurn
  • ToolTipDelaySec

8691RGI 05:54, 1 October 2010 (UTC)