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Copying text down as we run the TF. I'll leave formatting to those who are good at it. SpaceNut 00:24, 7 April 2011 (UTC)

To form a task force, you need four or more heroes in your group.

You need at least 4 members on your team, all of them at least Level 20. If they are over Level 40, they will be automatically exemplared to Level 40 for the duration of the Task Force.

Billy Bantam, at ease son. What I'm about to tell you is highly classified information. We've detected an energy signature out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Portal Corp has verified our own analysis that the energy signature is indeed a dimensional portal and it is Praetorian. Surveillance satellites and atmospheric craft have been incapable of getting a positive identification of the target site, but we do know that it is moving. I've been assigned by the Joint Chiefs to investigate this rift signature with a detatchment from the 11th Fleet. My orders, as they currently stand, are to investigate and idenitfy the rift and eliminate it if possible.

I've served this country with distinction and valor for almost 40 years, Billy Bantam, and I don't plan on retiring with a stain on my courage. I don't like to lose and sure as hell have no intentions of tucking tail and running in the face of adversity. If the Praetorians have come here looking for a fight, then on my grand daddy's grave I swear to give them one they'll not soon forget.

That's where you come in. Fleet command has a tight grip on the budget and have only authorized me a small number of surface vessels and personnel for this operation, but they didn't say anything about me recruiting outside help from heroes such as yourselves. As soon as you've assembled your team, we'll be under way.

The Sky Is Falling

Part One: Operation Corsair

Great to have you aboard. You'll sail with me on the USS Mason. She's an Arleigh-Burke class missile destroyer, just like the other three ships in my little recon fleet. She may not be the largest ship in the Navy, but she is a fighter and can sink anything I've ever seen in the water. Heh, let's just hope that the Praetorians don't know how to fly.

Investigate the Praetorian Rift Signature (Independence Port)

Defend the USS Mason's interior!

[NPC] Porter: Secure this deck then head to the bridge.

[Caption] This is Admiral Sutter to all hands. We have intruders below decks. All marines prepare to repel boarders. [NPC] Porter Saboteur: We're in. Secure the area and get those charges planted! [NPC] Porter: Disperse quickly. Lock this deck down! [NPC] Porter Engineer: Sir! We have powered hostiles! [NPC] Assault Porter Bot: HOSTILES INCOMING. [Caption] This is Sutter to the fleet: The Donald Cook is taking on water. Repeat, the Donald Cook is taking on water. Billy Bantam, we have more enemy forces arriving! Clear those Sky Raiders out of our belly! We need your team topside now!

[NPC] Porter: Lock this door, prevent anyone from coming down here! [NPC] Porter Saboteur: Looks like they've got more than just marines defending this bucket. [Caption] This is Sutter: We have a problem top side! Praetorian War Walkers have begun landing on the decks of my ships! These ships aren't designed to engage in close range combat on this scale. We won't be able to hold them off for long! [NPC] Porter: Go! Go! Go! [NPC] Porter: Contact!

[Caption] This is Admiral Sutter to the fleet. All hands to battle stations. This is not a drill. We have enemy surface contact. [Caption] I need my task force to report top side, immediately.

4 bombs to disable inside the USS Stout, 4 bombs to disable inside the USS Mitscher, Defend the Fleet!, Clear all enemies off of the ships!, Defend the USS Donald Cook! (optional)

[Caption] This is Sutter to the fleet: Engage the enemy... what on God's blue earth is that monstrosity? In all my years in the Navy, I've never seen anything like this! [Caption] Whatever it is, it's the source of those War Walkers landing on my ships. Task Force. Clear those robots off of my fleet. [Caption] After we've dealt with the immediate threat to the ships, make your way to the enemy 'vessel' and put a stop to this Praetorian invasion before it can get started!


[NPC] Porter Saboteur: We hold this room until just before the charges go off. [NPC] Porter Saboteur: Charges are all set, get to your positions. [NPC] Porter Saboteur: You made a huge mistake coming out here, Billy Bantam. [NPC] Porter Saboteur: You might disarm these explosives, but what about the other ships?

[NPC] Porter Saboteur: Everyone charge up your porter packs and get ready to jump ship. [NPC] Porter Saboteur: Contact! Enemy contact! [NPC] Porter Saboteur: We've got teams in the guts of every ship you've got. You can't stop us all.

[Caption] This is Sutter. Task Force Poseidon, that massive floating 'vessel' off the port bow is where the attackers came from. [Caption] I need your team to disable their weapon systems so we can move in and board them.

8 enemy fuel lines to close (optional), Defend the USS Donald Cook! (optional), Disable Northeast Turret Control, Disable Southeast Turret Control, Disable Northwest Turret Control, Disable Southwest Turret Control, Disable Central Turret Control

[NPC] Sky Skiff: Defend the turret control!

[Caption] This is Sutter. Billy Bantam, good job on disabling those defensive turrets. We've got them on the ropes. [Caption] Now, locate the source of that Praetorian Rift Signature and let's put an end to their little foray into our dimension.

Close the Praetorian Rift

[NPC] Hostage: Did the Navy come looking for us? I'm honored! [NPC] Hostage: Where are we? We've been held for days. [NPC] Hostage: We were out fishing near Bermuda, when suddenly there were these military guys hijacking our boat. [NPC] Hostage: How... how did you find us!?

4 x Warworks Power Generator


6 portal controls to deactivate,

[NPC] Captain Stone: Get that Portal online and get a message to the Praetorians!

[NPC] Commander: All forces. Move to secure the vessel interior! We can't let them destroy the portal. [NPC] Diviner: Commander, I sense hostile powered individuals aboard this vessel. [NPC] Commander: Link up with command and... Belay that, all forces, defend the portal from the attackers! [NPC] Elite Ranger: You heard him, engage the enemy! [NPC] Augur: Hostiles... [NPC] Augur: Eliminate them... [NPC] Scryer: Eliminate them. [NPC] Scryer: Eliminate them. [NPC] Scryer: Eliminate them. [NPC] Scryer: Eliminate them. [NPC] Scryer: Eliminate them. [NPC] Scryer: Eliminate them. [NPC] Scryer: Eliminate them.

[Caption] Good job, Billy Bantam, but we have a problem. [Caption] Have your team meet me on the stern of the USS Mason and I'll explain.

Talk to Admiral Sutter on the USS Mason

" Sounds like the Praetorians have already taken an invasion force toward Paragon City. We're beat to hell out here, Billy Bantam. Even if we could get the fleet underway immediately it would mean leaving the Donald Cook behind. I'm leaving the Mitscher and Stout to handle things here while we're taking the Mason back to Paragon City. Rough seas aside, we should be back there in a few hours, and hopefully in time to stop this damn invasion force of theirs."

Hopefully it will be in time to stop them.

" You won't be alone, Billy Bantam. I've alerted Freedom Corps of the situation. Hopefully Longbow and the PPD will be able to stall their assault long enough for your task force to arrive. When we arrive back in Independence Port we need to move quick. Time is no longer a luxury we can afford. Oh, and Billy Bantam... good hunting."

On Exit: The voyage back to Paragon City was dominated by frantic radio chatter and worried looks between everyone aboard. As you steam into port word comes that the Praetorians have landed on Talos Island and are sweeping the defenders aside with ease. Things aren't looking good.

In Chat window: Operation Corsair is a success, but at a cost. The Praetorian rift portal has been shut down and the Sky Raider floating fortress has been captured, but a sizeable number of their Imperial Defense Force is already en route to Paragon City. You won't be able to stop them from starting a fight, but you sure as hell can finish it.

The Sky Is Falling

Part Two: Operation Boomerang

Colonel Duray's Sky Raiders have provided the Praetorians with a cargo vessel with which to launch a surprise attack on Paragon City. Reports have come in that that vessel has just landed on Talos Island. We've got to hold them there. We can't let them secure their position.

Objective: Help Citadel (optional), Destroy IDF forces in the tunnel

[NPC] Citadel: Let's see how you fight on the ground. [NPC] War Walker: SUBJECT. CITADEL. EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION. [NPC] Citadel: I find your request to be unacceptable. My apologies. [NPC] War Walker: SURRENDER TO THE GLORIOUS PRAETORIAN EMPIRE AND NO HARM SHALL COME TO YOU. [NPC] War Walker: RESIST, AND YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. [NPC] War Walker: RESIST, AND YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. [NPC] War Walker: RESIST, AND YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. [NPC] War Walker: RESIST, AND YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. [NPC] War Walker: RESIST, AND YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. [NPC] War Walker: RESIST, AND YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. [NPC] War Walker: RESIST, AND YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. [NPC] Citadel: Luminary needs your help at the tunnel. [NPC] Citadel: I appreciate your assistance, but I have Praetorians elsewhere in the city to attend to.

Talk to Luminary (optional)

Billy Bantam, I thought you were out with 11th Fleet in the Atlantic.

We just sailed back into port. What's the situation?

The Praetorians came into port aboard a cargo vessel. The port authority tried to stop them, but their vessel was moving too quickly.

They ran aground just over there near the ferry parking lot and started disgorging their warworks battle robots as a vanguard force for their troops.

There doesn't appear to be much damage for an attack.

They're leaving most of the civilians alone, unless someone pulls a gun on them, then they respond with deadly force.

Citadel and I have been trying to organize Longbow and the Talos Island police to deal with the chaos, but War Walkers seem to have spread to every corner of the island in search of heroes to engage and destroy.

We've managed to corner their main force inside this tunnel, but so far they're so well dug in that we haven't been able to punch more than 200 yards past their defenses. We've been in this stalemate for over an hour now.

I take it you're looking for someone to lead the charge.

I can't ask you to do that, Billy Bantam, but, right now you and your task force are the most organized heroes on the island. The sooner we can break the backs of the Praetorian command and control, the sooner this will all be over.

Are they working with the Sky Raiders?

No, we have seen no evidence of Sky Raiders working with the Praetorians, but I'll inform Citadel to be alert for their presence. Thank you for the warning.

Tell your men to stand back, we're going in!


Objective: Track the Praetorians through the sewers

[NPC] Commander: We've lost contact with the rear guard. Prepare to defend this position! [NPC] Commander: Right on time.

[NPC] War Walker: ENEMY COMBATANTS INBOUND ON OUR POSITION. PREPARE DEFENSE PATTERN THETA. [Caption] Task Force Poseidon, this is Luminary. Reports indicate that Skyway City has just suffered a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. [Caption] I caution that it is unlikely to be safe in the sewers at this time. [Caption] I will keep you informed on further developments since your primary goal remains to find where the Praetorians are headed. [Caption] Once you discover their destination we can dispatch Longbow and police to engage them.

[NPC] Augur: I sense minds intent on stopping us. Do not allow them to pass and interrupt the Colonel's invasion plan. [NPC] Augur: Why do you fight? You cannot win.

[NPC] Commander: We've got to buy Duray more time! [NPC] Commander: Remember, these are not Powers Division. They're just Primals!

[Caption] Task Force Poseidon, a second quake just hit Skyway City. That is their target. [NPC] Berserker Bomb: Command received. [Caption] Praetorian troops are emerging from the sewers and laying siege to the Architect Entertainment Building. [NPC] Berserker Bomb: Destroy Billy Bantam. [Caption] I've dispatched Longbow and the Skyway City Police to intercept them, but they're going to need your help. [NPC] Harbinger: Our uninvited guests have arrived. [NPC] Riptide: I'm afraid that I cannot allow you to leave here alive. [NPC] Harbinger: I will give them a warm welcome. [NPC] Riptide: Let them come, I back down from no one.

Defeating a player: [NPC] Riptide: As I expected. Not a one of you is Top Dog material.

Upon exit: You navigate your way around several collapsed sewer tunnels until you find your way into a stable cistern that leads up into the heart of Skyway City.

In chat window: Earthquakes are ravaging Skyway City and the Praetorian IDF is fighting a brutal shock and awe invasion of the city. Their rear guard is broken and soon you'll put an end to this invasion!

Objective: Defend Skyway City

The air is choked with smoke and powdered concrete. You can feel the thrumming pulse of a powerful energy field somewhere in the debris up ahead.


[NPC] Praetorian Col. Duray: Fusion! I've lost contact with Riptide. I can only presume he's failed to hold off our pursuers. What is your status? [NPC] Fusion: We're finishing up here, Colonel. Jane's just about got the whole place collapsed. [Caption] If you have -just about everything- collapsed... Then why am I standing on a span of intact freeway!?! [Caption] Look... I know you two have the attention span of puppies. Jane is down there admiring her handiwork and you're busy being all proud of yourself. [Caption] Just get that nitwit on the ball and level Skyway City or I'll do it for you AND leave you two buried down there together! Duray out. [NPC] Praetorian Col. Duray: If those two screwballs weren't walking weapons of mass destruction I would have volunteered them for Neuron's experiments months ago. [NPC] Primal Col. Duray: If you think they're bad, then be glad you're not from here! Those two are nothing compared to their lovey-dovey Primal counterparts.

[Caption] Come in Task Force Poseidon, this is Luminary. I've discovered the source of the earthquakes. [Caption] It appears that the Praetorians have in their service a super powered individual who can create them. You need to find that individual and eliminate them before the entire city is leveled.

[NPC] Fusion: Hurry up and finish it already. I'm getting tired of waiting for you to do your job. [NPC] Jane Temblor: You'd better hope that force field of yours is as big as your mouth, Fusion, because I'm about to drop an entire freeway down on us.

[NPC] Fusion: Hurry up and finish it already. I'm getting tired of waiting for you to do your job. [NPC] Jane Temblor: You'd better hope that force field of yours is as big as your mouth, Fusion, because I'm about to drop an entire freeway down on us. [NPC] Fusion: Heh, looks like Riptide wasn't as tough as he thought. [NPC] Fusion: Don't worry, 'babycakes', I'll deal with these losers myself. [NPC] Jane Temblor: Don't be an idiot, Fusion. [NPC] Jane Temblor: If Riptide and that 'head case' couldn't handle them then they're obviously tougher than they look. [NPC] Jane Temblor: We'll have to do this together. [NPC] Jane Temblor: Oh, and if you call me 'babycakes' one more time, I swear I will drop a skyscraper on you the next chance I get.

[NPC] Watch where you're pointing that thing! [NPC] Be more careful with your powers! [NPC] Watch where you're pointing that thing! [NPC] Fusion: I can't believe YOU beat Riptide. You're both losers AND ugly. [NPC] Fusion: Hey, Jane, get this loser off of me! [NPC] Fusion: I said get off of me! [NPC] Fusion: Jane, it's called teamwork! Know your role! [NPC] Fusion: Oh man... this is bad...

Objective: Defeat Both Colonel Durays

[Caption] This is Luminary. Colonel Duray of the Sky Raiders is helping coordinate this attack with air support. [Caption] He's located just above your position. Our forces are currently unable to breach the IDF perimeter. [Caption] You're the only ones inside the perimeter that can stop them. Task Force Poseidon, we need you. [Caption] Make your way topside, find Duray and his Praetorian counterpart, and apprehend them.

[NPC] Primal Col. Duray: Once this place is suitably demolished we'll head for the Faultline Dam and hold the city hostage. [NPC] Praetorian Col. Duray: I see you managed to defeat my morons. [NPC] Primal Col. Duray: I told you not to underestimate them! [NPC] Praetorian Col. Duray: Bravo. [NPC] Primal Col. Duray: This is Colonel Duray to Zulu-One. I need air support on my position; we have some vipers in our back field. [NPC] Praetorian Col. Duray: It's be a little while since I got to enjoy some close quarters fighting. [NPC] Praetorian Col. Duray: Face it, your world doesn't need you anymore. [NPC] Praetorian Col. Duray: Hey, I actually felt that through my armor. Maybe you are worth my full attention after all. [NPC] Wing Raider Officer: We've got a break out in sector Alpha-Two, Hotel-Seven. [NPC] Wing Raider Officer: Colonel Duray needs our help, all available forces, respond. [NPC] Sky Skiff: This is Thunder Two-One, we are on scene in zero-five seconds, over. [NPC] Sky Skiff: We've got heroes on Duray's position, moving to engage! [NPC] Praetorian Col. Duray: Face it, your world doesn't need you anymore. [NPC] Praetorian Col. Duray: Face it, your world doesn't need you anymore. [NPC] Sky Skiff: All forces, go in, weapons hot. [Caption] Task Force Poseidon, this is Luminary. My radar has detected hostile aircraft approaching Skyway City. [Caption] Exercise extreme caution, they appear to be carrying heavy munitions. [NPC] Sky Skiff: This is Storm Wing reporting to breakout action in Alpha-Two, Hotel-Seven. Colonel Duray, please respond. [Caption] Task Force Poseidon, I've analyzed the aircraft. They're prototype Lockhart XF-40s. [Caption] The Sky Raiders must have been behind their theft from the Lockhart Avionics test range three months ago. [Caption] There's a squadron of them intercepting anything that comes near the city. It's going to be some time before the Airforce can punch a hole in there and assist you. [Caption] Until then I'm afraid you're going to have to make do on your own.

You've shattered the spearpoint of the Praetorian thrust into Paragon City and captured a number of the IDF's soldiers and some of their elite powers division members. While Colonel Virgil Duray of the Sky Raiders supported this Praetorian offensive, it would seem that his Praetorian counterpart was just a cloned body used to house his spiritual essence. Praetoria's Duray has escaped to fight another day, leaving his soldiers and their Primal allies to suffer the consequences of their defeat as prisoners of war.

With spineless commanders like that I can tell you that the Praetorians will soon find themselves on the defensive and hemorrhaging soldiers like nobody's business. Now we have to turn our attention to cleaning up this mess.

Jim Temblor volunteered to help us clear rubble at the epicenter of where his Praetorian counterpart did her thing. Oh, and next time you visit Virgil Duray in prison thank him for building that giant floating monstrosity out in the Atlantic Ocean. We managed to lash the Donald Cook to its side and keep her from going down. That's 38 years without ever losing a ship under my command. Hah!

Oh! Before I go I wanted to give you these tickets to the Admiral's Ball to show my appreciation for all your help. Billy Bantam, we couldn't have done this without you.

Awards 22 Reward Merits and the Land, Sea & Air Badge

Dvandom 17:11, 18 April 2011 (UTC) Just a few quick notes on the AV fight at the end. Once Praetorian Duray is defeated, a clone of him activates, but it's only an Elite Boss. When the Primal Duray is defeated, the airstrikes do stop. Finally, there is a well-hidden gap in the cracked overhead roadway fairly near the hospital that can aid flying characters in getting back into the fight more quickly, but it's hard to reliably find.