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TPN Clockwork Report

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From the Story Arc "Insert Paranoia Here" given by Splice.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

TPN Clockwork Report

You watched a report on TPN about an event that was dubbed, 'The Clockwork Massacre'. It showed clips of the attack, along with images of Praetor White and Emperor Cole arriving towards the end to clean things up. The report tried to put a spin on the whole matter, saying that it was clearly, 'Resistance trying to scare us', but you can know the people of Nova Praetoria aren't going to be looking at Clockwork the same ever again. You think about how it all began, in an experience called...

Insert Paranoia Here

You began working with Splice, a woman who was as anti-social as she was brilliant with technology. You went down into the tunnels of Praetoria to save a messenger who had information from the Static. Splice explained he carried an important piece of information for a plan of hers - to create a massive amount of chaos within Nova by hacking the Clockwork and causing them to attack the citizens around them.

You returned to Splice with the messenger alive and the information he retrieved - it was just what she needed to finish her device. She asked that you test a small version of the device in the CMF. When you entered the CMF, all the Clockwork there went haywire and attacked you, all according to the plan.

Splice had members of the Resistance set up the devices in the Magisterium and explained that she had arranged for Praetor Duncan and Praetor White to not be in the Magisterium at that time. As well, the PPD would be busy chasing after a false lead regarding the location of Calvin Scott. All you and Splice had to do was sit back and watch the carnage from a small device she had.

Unfortunately, as with most things that have, 'all you had to do' preceding it, something went wrong. Rogue Clockwork disabled Splice's self-destruct mechanism, meaning you had to go topside and handle the situation yourself. Which wasn't a problem for someone like yourself.

With that damage done, the people's confidence in Cole's regime - or at least in the Clockwork - has been shaken. Soon enough it will shatter and fall!

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