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TPN: The Total Praetoria Network Plaque

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The TPN: The Total Praetoria Network Plaque plaque is a plaque contained in the Imperial City zone of Praetoria. It is not currently associated with any known history badge.


TPN: The Total Praetoria Network

Founded by Praetor Tilman in the early days of the Empire, TPN started as a simple radio station broadcasting from a one room shack in Neutropolis, transmitting programs to inspire and entertain the people of Praetoria. In 40au Emperor Marcus Cole broke ground on what was to become the TPN Campus, equipped with high-power transmitters capable of spreading the Praetorian message across the entire world. None shall silent the righteous words of our supreme and enlightened leader: Emperor Marcus Cole.


This plaque is in the Logos neighborhood of Imperial City, due south of the main TPN building and directly in front of the large TPN structure in the grass.

Its coordinates are (-1377, -40, -1632).