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TPN's Greatest Hits

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From the Story Arc "Destroying the Destroyers" given by Tami Baker.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

TPN's Greatest Hits

John Houston from TPN sent you this 'greatest hits' video. The video is a recording of your best moments fighting off the Destroyer horde in front of the TPN building. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Destroying the Destroyers

It started when Tami Baker made you an offer; a method to wipe out the Destroyers and gain fame and fortune within Imperial City while doing so. You first went to an office they were raiding and found information there that detailed Praetor White's connection with the Destroyers. It turned out that many of the older Destroyers were part of Praetor White's old gang. You also found out that Praetor White was supporting their drug addiction in Nova Praetoria.

You spoke with Praetor White regarding matters; he struck a deal with you to give you the location of the main lab to destroy if you agreed to keep quiet about everything that happened. He promised that he would let everyone know that you were the one who put down the Destroyers within Nova Praetoria. You agreed and did the job quickly enough, but there were still more questions. Who was leading the main group of Destroyers?

You found this out in the next lab that you destroyed. It was all Praetor Duncan, right from the start. She supplied Praetor White's former gang members with the Fixadine as a small game of hers. This game grew much larger than she expected; instead of throwing them all away, Duncan decided to have fun with them, putting them to the test.

Tami Baker formed a plan to announce this over TPN, making you into an even bigger start in Imperial City, while putting down Praetor Duncan. Duncan, anticipating this, sent a horde of Destroyers to try to tear apart TPN. You fought off the entire horde in the TPN campus while John Houston had your fight recorded for all of Praetoria to see.

The day was saved, you gained fame and glory in Imperial, but Praetor Duncan was able to worm her way out of all responsibility. When push came to shove, Praetor Keyes stepped up and took the blame for Duncan, most likely due to his infatuation with her. Despite that, you still were able to win in the end; the people of Imperial now look at you as a savior and any door that was closed to you is now wide open. All in a day's work for the 'hero of Imperial City'.

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