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Sun Xiong's Headband

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From the Story Arc "Last Rites" given by Graham Easton.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-24.

Souvenir's Text

Sun Xiong's Headband

This faded headband reminds you of the time the Tsoo held a contract on your life. It was a time of danger, of honor, and of...

Last Rites

It began when the curator of the Paragon City Asian Art Museum, Graham Easton, asked you to retrieve a precious urn that was stolen from the museum's opening exhibit. You tracked down the urn, which Graham called the Xiong Hnub So, to a Tsoo warehouse in Steel Canyon and retrieved it.

The Tsoo were not pleased with your actions, however, and attacked you during the museum's grand opening ceremony. Someone had taken your actions very personally, and had called for your assassination! You decided to be proactive against this new threat, and went in search of the man who was calling for your death.

You returned to the warehouse where the urn was originally kept, and discovered that the owner of the warehouse was a man named Sun Xiong. However, just as you learned the location of his manor, Tsoo fell upon you, attacking from all sides! You fought your way out of the warehouse and went to confront Sun Xiong directly.

Sun Xiong was in his manor, but he demanded that you fight his four strongest students before challenging him. You defeated each of his students, then faced down Sun Xiong in single combat. After you emerged victorious, the contract on your head was nullified. You no longer have to worry about the Tsoo trying to assassinate you... for now.

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