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Stouthearted Badge

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You've left no stone unturned in your efforts to protect Paragon City's financial infrastructure. Your diligence is greatly appreciated by all.

How to Get

Earn the following badges:

Badge tourist 01.png  Heart of the City Badge   Exploration   Atlas Park Safeguard mission (level 5-10), east of entrance. (1499, 0, -399)
Badge tourist 01.png  King's Righteousness Badge   Exploration   Kings Row Safeguard mission (level 10-15), near southwest corner. (672, -42, -2348)
Badge tourist 01.png  Courage Driven Badge   Exploration   Skyway City Safeguard mission (level 15-20), southeastern side. (-945, 0, -3552)
Badge tourist 01.png  Freedom's Defender Badge   Exploration   Steel Canyon Safeguard mission (level 20-25), central western part. (-4255, 0, 1129)
Badge tourist 01.png  Honorable Captain Badge   Exploration   Independence Port Safeguard mission (level 25-30), northeast side. (-1948, 0, -3172.5)
Badge tourist 01.png  Talos' Might Badge   Exploration   Talos Island Safeguard mission (level 30-35), middle of northernmost alley between stores. (-1451.5, 160, 6740)
Badge tourist 01.png  Cornerstone Badge   Exploration   Brickstown Safeguard mission (level 35-40), northeast corner. (-406, 0, -129)
Badge tourist 01.png  Founders' Protector   Exploration   Founders' Falls Safeguard mission (level 40-45), Bottom of the northern ramp outside the police station, north side. (3233, 0, 2055)
Badge tourist 01.png  Gatekeeper Badge   Exploration   Peregrine Island Safeguard mission (level 45-50), southeast of Blackwell store. (-635.75, 0, -2867)


There is no power or ability associated with this badge.

The Stouthearted badge is awarded to characters of the hero and vigilante alignments. The same badge on villains and rogues is called Stonehearted.

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