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Spetsnaz Badge

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From the Story Arc "After the Wall Fell" given by Dmitri Krylov.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 10-14.

Souvenir's Text

Spetsnaz Badge

This is a Spetsnaz badge, taken from a renegade team that came from the Soviet Union in a story you like to call:

After the Wall Fell

It all started when Dr. Dmitri Krylov asked you to go in to retrieve one of his experiments that had gone wild and attacked an Arachnos base. There you discovered a group of Spetsnaz trying to nab the experiment in hopes of tracking down Krylov. Krylov revealed that he used to create super commandos for the Spetsnaz long ago, and that they were likely trying to track him down.

Later, Krylov discovered that he was being spied upon. He eluded the spy and in turn tracked him to a warehouse where he was meeting with a group of Wyvern. You managed to defeat the spy for Krylov.

Krylov decided it was best to flush out the leader of the Spetsnaz group. You went to Kings Row and defeated Electroshock, one of Krylov's experiments that decided to go hero (much to Krylov's disappointment).

Sure enough, the Spetsnaz kidnapped Electroshock from the hospital for interrogation. Krylov had the foresight to install homing devices in each of his experiments and tracked his location to an offshore Russian cargo ship. You interrogated the Spetsnaz leader, who reveals that Roman Turovsky ratted out Krylov.

Krylov wants revenge on Turovsky, and sends you after him. After a battle at the PTS in Cap au Diable, Turovsky was defeated.

In a last effort to steal Krylov's knowledge, the Spetsnaz attempted to steal research data from his lab. Again, Krylov sent you to intervene, sending many more of the Russian commandoes to the hospital!

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