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Spanky Rabinowitz

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Spanky Rabinowitz was born in 1878 to Aaron and Maria Rabinowitz and grew up on Talos Island. He was elected to at least four terms as Mayor of Paragon City.


Mayor of Paragon City during the early 20th Century, Michael James "Spanky" Rabinowitz maintained control of the city’s politics for nearly thirty years. He was supported by Southern United Manufacturing Company, which the Statesman later revealed to be a front for the villain Nemesis. Despite this association and the fact that Rabinowitz was both a corrupt politician and immoral businessman, "Spanky" proved oddly popular. And, in fact, the city flourished during his reign. Today, Rabinowitz has been elevated to "lovable" rogue in the eyes of the public. He is memorialized by a boardwalk on Talos Island bearing his name.


  • Charlier 'Big Buck' Rabinowitz is Spanky's cousin who owned Big Bucks Casino. It is suspected that most of Spanky's campaign money came from Charlier.
  • Rumored to be friends with shady characters such as Al Capone and Nathaniel Frost.
  • In the 1920's, it was considered most unlucky not to have your ship christened by Mayor 'Spanky' Rabinowitz. It is suspected by some that he made a deal with the Banished Pantheon and that his christening of ships protected them from Adamastor.

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