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Sonic Bomb Fragment

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From the Task Force "Clamor and Destruction" given by Sister Psyche.

Souvenir's Text

This hunk of metal used to be part of a weapon of mass destruction. Now it's simply a reminder of the adventure you've come to think of as:

Clamor and Destruction

While investigating the Freakshow for Sister Psyche, you were sent on a mission to rescue a young scientist. He handed over a device he called a sonic wave projector, which he was forced to develop for the Freakshow. A tech expert named Andrew Fiore suggested that the device was adapted from pre-existing 5th Column technology.

Sister Psyche was able to sense two locations that were part of the Freakshow's plan. Under her guidance, you disarmed two sonic bombs that would have demolished the buildings they were placed in. The bombs appeared to be related to the 5th Column technology used to develop the sonic wave projector.

Sensing a convergence of your enemies, Sister Psyche sent you to a 5th Column base, where you defeated hordes of Freakshow as well as many 5th Column soldiers. All these underlings spoke of a person called Clamor who defected from the 5th Column to the Freakshow, taking advanced sonic technology with her.

Sister Psyche asked you to speak with Robert Koslowski, who directed you to the 5th Column base from which Clamor stole her sonic technology. At that base, you uncovered information about Clamor and the scope of her technology. You were alarmed to learn that the stolen tech could be used to build a weapon of mass destruction.

Sister Psyche then sensed that the 5th Column and the Freakshow were converging on a government office that specialized in geological surveys. She guided you to a hostage, Gregory Pine, who told you that the Freakshow were there looking for data about the bedrock beneath Paragon City.

Next, Sister Psyche turned her powerful senses on a large concentration of Freakshow in Founders' Falls. They proved to be no match for you, but you learned that their activities were nothing more than a distraction designed to lure you away from Brickstown, Clamor's true target. With the help of Sister Psyche, you were able to locate all three sonic bombs and prevent Clamor from turning Brickstown into a seismic disaster area. You also prevented the Ziggurat from crumbling, thus saving countless lives.

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