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Snake Shell Fragment

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From the Story Arc "The Origins of the Snakes" given by Matthew Burke.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-4.

Souvenir's Text

Snake shell fragment

You kept this Snake shell fragment from the Snake hatchery you violated in search of Stheno. It's a reminder of your investigation into:

The Origins of the Snakes

It began with a new client for Matthew Burke. The client wanted information on the nature of the strange snake creatures that plague Mercy Island, and Burke had agreed to get it. You went to recover a Snake skin, and came away with some interesting information. The Snakes you fought had referred to a creature called 'almighty Stheno,' and you and Burke resolved to seek it out.

Burke tracked down some rumors, so he sent you to another Snake den. There, you recovreed the Book of Stheno, which helped clear up the mystery. Stheno was a Gorgon, the sister of the legendary Medusa.

Burke was determined to track down Stheno himself, if he could. He learned of a Snake hatchery in the area and sent you there. Although you failed to find Stheno herself, you did destroy every egg in the hatchery. So it's a safe bet that Stheno might now be looking for you.

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