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Shrewd Lessons

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From the Story Arc "Shrewd Lessons" given by Deputy Assistant of Information.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

Shrewd Lessons

Every now and then you catch a wiff of Pardus, the cheap perfume worn by the Deputy Assistant of Information, and can't help but think back to the only thing he was useful for: teaching you a few

Shrewd Lessons.

The Deputy Assistant of Information is a weasel of a man, but his shrewd intuition helped guide you in properly playing the hearts and minds of Praetoria's people to your favor. By seeking out a murderer at large, you proved your capabilities to the people of Praetoria. But when you placed the memorial rose at the base of the emperor's statue, to commemorate the life of the murderer's victim, you plucked the people's heart strings. For that you will be remembered most of all.

For a moment there you thought that he might actually know what he was talking about, but it soon became obvious that the Deputy was only riding on the coat tails of others. When he referred you to Specialist Harrison concerning a fiasco with the Clockwork, you knew that Harrison was the man with the information. You assisted Harrison in thwarting a Resistance plot to reprogram the Clockwork at the City Maintenance Facility. Your brief partnership with the Deputy had come to an end, but not before he introduced you to a member of Marauder's Top Dogs, a man by the name of Warrant.

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