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Shiva is a massive being that had the ability to devour entire worlds. The first known contact with the being came in the 12th century, when it devoured the planet of the Arcosians. The Arcosians launched thousands of probes into space, hoping that other worlds would avoid their fate. At least one probe made it to Earth, where it was discovered by an Australian Aborigine. Decoded, it warned of the terrible fate that could befall the Earth, that the scientists named "Shiva," after the Hindu "Destroyer of Worlds." A multinational team of heroes was assembled. They guided a nuclear assault against the being in 1989. They were seemingly successful, as a blast was detected and Shiva disappeared from deep space detection.

Unfortunately, the remains of Shiva did not stop, and rained down upon the Earth. Bloody Bay was struck by a metoer shower, rendering it uninhabitable for over a decade. The meteors gave off radiation, and spawned strange beings known as Shivans. Whether the Shivans are trying to rebuild Shiva itself is unknown - what is known is that the meteors can give fantastic abilities, and many factions fight over them.