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Shield Customization

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Shield Customization (a subset of Weapon Customization) is essentially a costume option that is only available to characters using the Shield Defense power set.

Shield Selections

Standard Shields

Standard shields can be applied with a two-color pattern, on top of which can be placed a two-color emblem.

  • Cavalier Shield
  • Knight Shield
  • Heater Shield
  • Kite Shield
  • Round Shield

Reinforced Shields

Reinforced Shields are riveted and edged, and do not accept a two-color pattern. Like standard shields, reinforced shields also accept a two-color emblem.

  • Cavalier Shield - Reinforced
  • Knight Shield - Reinforced
  • Heater Shield - Riveted
  • Kite Shield - Reinforced
  • Round Shield - Reinforced

Elemental Shields

  • Dark Shield
  • Energy Shield (color tintable)
  • Electrical Shield (color tintable)
  • Fire Shield (alter brightness of the base lava with color brightness)
  • Gem Shield (color tintable)
  • Ice Shield (alter opacity with color brightness)
  • Stone Shield (color tintable)
  • Geode Shield (color tintable)

Specialty Shields

  • Manhole Cover (color tintable)
  • PPD Riot Shield (color tintable and allows PPD and SWAT decals or emblems)
  • Riot Shield (color tintable and allows PPD and SWAT decals but not emblems)
  • Targe (color tintable; can be adorned with large or small spikes, which are also color tintable)
  • Tech Shield (color tintable)
  • Tech Shield 2 (color tintable)
  • Tribal Shield (color tintable; can be adorned with skull, tusks or both, which are also color tintable)

Unlockable Shields

The following shields are unlockable.

NOTE: The Blue Steel shield was available at character creation during Closed Beta of Issue 13, but was subsequently locked from character creation. Currently, it can only be used by custom critters in Mission Architect.


Badge time.png This section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.
  • The Vanguard unlockable shield was formerly called the Talsorian Shield. This was changed on November 12, 2009.

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