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Settitle (Slash Command)

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Slash Command

/settitle integer

Changes a character's Badge Title. If the character does not have the badge associated with integer, then the visible badge title will remain even though the system channel will state: "Your badge title has been cleared".

This includes any badge the character has earned, including Gladiator badges. Some badge numbers are associated with the period "." as well as respec and veteran rewards. These behave strangely when /settitle is attempted on them, however the badge title will never change to something the badge title system does not allow.

NOTE /settitle does not showup in /cmdlist

Badge updating/verification

One popular use of /settitle is for updating or verifying badges maintained on badge-tracking sites. When /settitle is used, it displays text in the System chat channel that tracking software can identify the badge. HeroStats is an example of software that can monitor such output and upload the results to badge tracking websites such as Badge-Hunter and City Info Tracker. (Note that Sentinel does not use /settitle for its verification process.)

While updating can be done manually, it can also be done in a semi-automated fashion by using a series of bind files that check a batch of badges (typically 10) at a time. Bind files for this purpose are available for download.

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