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Sequestration Field

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Sequestration Field is a special power used in the Behavioral Adjustment Facility Trial. Siege and Nightstar are equipped with powerful technologies that enable them to quickly bring enemies under control. Focusing on their main target, they will surround them with a field and begin the sequestration process. If their attention remains on the main target for three warnings, that target and all those caught in the field are locked down.


Icon clue generic.png Sequestration Field Special
If you are hit by Sequestration Field 3 times within a 30 second period, you and nearby allies will be imprisoned temporarily. Recharge 10 seconds.

The first time a player is hit by this power, they will see a red warning float in the middle of their screen with their name ("First Warning, Character") and will have a single warning ring appear around the character.

If they are hit with this a second time before the first warning has worn off, they'll see another warning message and will now have two warning rings around their character. When a character gets a second warning, they should back away from the other members in their league until both warnings have worn off.

If a character receives a third warning, they and every character standing inside their warning rings (it does not matter if they have a warning or not) will be sequestered (held).

If a character maintains aggro, it is possible to be sequestered multiple times in a row.

Sequestration Fields can stack from both Nightstar and Siege on the same target if both are attacking the same target bringing their target under control quicker.