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Self Restraint

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From the Story Arc "Self Restraint" given by Doctor Steffard.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

Self Restraint

Whenever you see the Seers watching over the city you are reminded of Dr. Steffard's personal vow to give freedom back to the Seers, and just how differently things could have been if the good doctor had shown just a little less:

Self Restraint

It all began when Dr. Steffard requested your aid in rescuing a Seer from the PPD. She had apparently been disconnected from the Seer Network and was completely unstable, lashing out at anyone and everyone nearby. Steffard gave you a neural restraint and you clamped it on her, temporarily suppressing her powers until you could get her back to Steffard.

Steffard's examination revealed that this Seer's cybernetic implants were different than anything he'd ever seen. He requested that you accompany him with the device to go see an acquaintence of his in the Syndicate, a sword master by the name of Maxine. When you arrived to speak with Maxine, however, a horde of Ghouls suddenly swarmed into the facility. Back to back with Maxine and her Syndicate operatives you fought the creatures off. Maxine then revealed that she'd heard rumors that Ghoul attacks were becoming more and more focused lately.

Maxine provided Steffard with information suggesting that M.I.C.I.R.'s Seer R&D Facility was conducting experiments on the Seers which resembled what Steffard had discovered. You went in to acquire more information in order to prove Steffard's theory that the Ghouls and Seer implants were somehow linked.

With the extra information Dr. Steffard's fears were confirmed. The Loyalists were perfecting a method to have Seers mind control the Ghouls, and that this was only possible because of the restraints worn by the Ghouls. The decision to destroy the research data or take it and use it to help the Resistance was not an easy one for Steffard, but in the end he asked for you to destroy the data rather than risk it falling into the wrong hands. You raided M.I.C.I.R. a second time and successfully destroyed the data.

However, the success was bittersweet. Rebecca, the Seer who you had rescued earlier and who was recovering from her release from the Seer Network, was dead. Someone had sent a kill signal to Rebecca's implants. Dr. Steffard blamed himself for not removing her implants sooner and for concentrating on researching the Ghoul control technology instead. It was then that Steffard vowed that he would ensure that the Seers got to live their own lives.

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