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Seer 0001's Mask

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From the Story Arc "You Can't Go Home" given by Seer 1381.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

Seer 0001's Mask

You picked this mask up off the ground after defeating Seer 0001. Sometimes you think about it and then catch yourself imagining what the face of a nearby Seer looks like under her mask. Are her eyes open, or closed? Is she in a waking dream, or more like sleep walking? It reminds you of when you met Katie Douglas, a Seer who had awoken from a fifteen year dream and realized:

You Can't Go Home

When you first met the woman known as Seer 1381 she had removed her mask and was concentrating desperately just to remain conscious. The woman begged you to help release her from the Seer Network and directed you to the facility of her signal's origin. When you returned the woman was very confused at how old she was, and had no idea who or where she was. She kept rambling on and on about a lady in her dream.

With only her Seer numerical designation to work with, you agreed to search the PPD archives for information about her. You learned that the woman's name was Catherine Douglas, and she was thirty years old. She had been a Seer for the last fifteen years of her life. Of her family you could only find that her father, Henry Douglas, was listed as an inmate at the B.A.F. for the last fifteen years as well.

Catherine, or Katie as she preferred to be called, used her psychic powers to teleport you into the B.A.F. where you rescued her father and escaped in the nick of time. Reunited with her father, Katie learned that he had not seen nor heard from her mother these past fifteen years, but he had never given up hope.

Katie, it seemed, was becoming more and more cognizant of her psychic abilities, and after some thought she realized that her mother must also be in the Seer Network. Her powers of insight discovered that her mother's location had been known to her the entire time. The lady in her dream was her mother, and had helped her leave the Network. She had also given her a clue as to where she was being held and Katie again teleported you to the location, only this time she came with you.

But what Katie was not prepared for was that her mother did not call to her for help, instead she was trying to warn Katie away. This became apparent when Katie's mother, Seer 0001 attacked you both and had no recognition that Katie was her daughter. After defeating her, Katie received a final thought from her mother, explaining that her last act of self was to free her daughter from the Network so she could live life. Katie took the message to heart repeating her mother's words: Survival is not the same as living. With what precious time that is fated you I would see that you live free rather than survive caged.

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