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Security Chief (Siren's Call)

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Siren's Call Security Chief

Security Chief (Siren's Call) is an NPC in Siren's Call. He is not a contact. His coordinates are (954, 0, -1116).

When clicked on he will deliver the following briefing.


Look, the folks of Siren's Call have been taking it on the chin. We've got to get this zone secure and locked down for their safety. Arachnos gangs are attacking key locations in force and we need heroes to help out! We will show these as hotspots on your map as they happen. Get to those locations, keep our men alive and take those villains down! Our men can't do it without you.

There's some good that can come out of it for you, too. We've been bringing in special equipment you can buy from the Hero Store contact -- but only if our side controls the zone! Otherwise Arachnos hijacks our shipments and probably hands it out to willing villains.

The city has also authorized bounties for winning these battles and defeating player villains. You'll earn extra if you bring one of the Most Wanted to justice. Build up a pile of bounty and then see me for a special reward. The larger your bounty the better the reward I can offer you.

Remember, it's us against them - heroes vs. villains. Work with your teammates and arrest those villains!