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Scrapheap of History Badge

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Here lie the ruins of the Number 6 Titration Plant, the first of a new design meant to streamline the process of fuel waste reconstitution. It was hoped that the new plant design would improve waste recapture efforts by over 13%. Unfortunately the shiny new installation was too tempting a target for the Freakshow, who saw the effective reuse of fuel waste as somehow offensive. They brought the plant down with a concentrated assault that took the city workers completely by surprise. Since its destruction, that new technique the Number 6 plant was designed to test has since been abandoned in favor of a newer, more efficient recapture method.


The Scrapheap of History badge is 194 yards SSW of the Carter Engineering marker, between two destroyed walls in the southeast corner of the zone.

Its coordinates are (-1588, 188, -2299).

Badge Scrapheap of History.jpg


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