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Scion Experiment

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Scion Experiment

An experiment performed on a group of volunteers in 1982 by the 5th Column (later changed to the Council) in order to breed a better variant of the Nightwolves. These men were subjected to a special mix of hormonal and mutagenic treatments to radically alter their DNA to make them stronger, faster, and overall increase the survival rate and lead to improved results of the later conversion.

Children fathered by these subjects were also effected by the treatment their fathers had undergone and were earmarked as perfect fodder for conversion as well. All known candidates that survived the initial process were later converted to Nightwolves and several are known to have had children to whom the traits were passed.


  • Due to the conversion of the 5th Column to Council in issue 3, any in-game text dealing with this background story were altered several times. First the alterations were merely replacing instances of 5th column to council, with later revisions including references to the previous group and changes to make more sense. The text in minor mission arcs related to the 5th column will often have contradictory information in it due to the quick text swapover and lack of time and manpower for the developers to track down each and every problem caused by the change.
  • The conversion process that this experiment was intended to amplify was the original 5th Column method of making Nightwolves/warwolves, and not the later one that involved the use of Nictus fragments.
  • The place referred to as 'Ravenna' in story arcs involving this experiment has never been mentioned or explained elsewhere in the game text, but due to the origin of the 5th Column/Council, it is likely referencing Ravenna, Italy.

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