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Ring of Peebles

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From the Story Arc "Ring of Peebles" given by Stephanie Peebles.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-24.

Souvenir's Text

Ring of Peebles

As you look over the borrowed wedding band from Stephanie Peebles, you're reminded of the events you've come to know as...

Ring of Peebles

Stephanie Peebles had a lot of work to do around the docs and she needed your help to do it. You went up against The Family, The Council and even the Sky Raiders. In the process of helping her you managed to take some Superdine off the streets, rescue a doctor from the clutches of the Council, wiped out a shipment of Zenith Mek Men destined for Paragon City and even discovered a bizarre fish creature that the Council and Sky Raiders were willing to fight to the death over. When you cracked the crate on the 'fish-man' though all you got was a whiff of the back side of sea water and a horrific vision of a half man have fish creature. It was really one crazy adventure after the next.

However, upon returning to Peebles after one of these adventures, she told you that she'd lost her wedding ring the night before at the Mermaid Tavern. Obviously, she wanted it back and begged for your help. You talked to Long Jack to see if he'd gathered any information regarding the ring from his 'shadier' friends. That led you to a Warrior by the name of Hercules... really, that's what he called himself. He claimed to have stolen the ring off of Stephanie. You found Hercules, but you also found out that the ring was no simple wedding ring. It granted the wearing some amazing powers. In fact, Stephanie Peebles was actually a witch who had woven her magic into her wedding band. She was thankful for its return and she let you 'borrow' it for a couple of days to appreciate its worth all the more.

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