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Rikti Pylon

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Rikti Pylon.PNG


Found scattered around the Rikti War Zone, these pylons (totaling 18) are the basis of the initial phase of the Rikti Ship Raid zone event. They con as +1 level, with the description "Level: Unknown" and are of "Object" class. Players must destroy all 18 of the pylons to lower the shields of the Rikti ship.

A single pylon is quite a challenge - they output large amounts of damage (a Level 35 Stone Brute sans Granite Armor took 8 x 105 damage from each attack!) and thus should be targeted by a strong/full team. They have over 30 thousand HP and a large Health Regeneration rate. They also have a very long range (equivalent to an aggroed Zeus Class Titan) and are very trigger happy. It is best to avoid them if at all possible, unless you are taking them on as part of a team.


A multi-purpose platform used by the Rikti. These pylon casings can house a wide variety of equipment, ranging from construction gear, to force field generators.


See the Rikti enemy group profile for a list of the Rikti Pylon's powers