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  1. The total magnitude (mag) of a particular status effect that a character or critter can withstand without succumbing to it. Different from resistance, which shortens the duration of the status effect.
FinalAmount = AppliedAmount - TotalProtection
If FinalAmount is greater than zero, the Status Effect will be applied. Resistance is applied to FinalAmount, not AppliedAmount.
  • Example: A character with mag 2 Hold Protection is hit with a mag 2 hold; 2-2=0, the hold will not affect the character. The same character hit with a mag 2.01 hold, however, will be affected since the final value is greater than zero.
  • Note that if knockback is reduced to between zero and .75, through either Protection or Resistance, or a combination of the two, it will turn into knockdown.

Enemy Protection

Normal Enemies

Underling/Small 0.5
Minion 1
Lieutenant/Sniper 2
Boss 3
Elite Boss (natural) 6
EB (scaled down) 6, 3 for Immobilize and Sleep
Archvillain/Hero/Monster 3
Giant Monster 75, 10 for sleep

Special Cases

Archvillains and Heroes, and their scaled-down Elite Boss versions, have Purple Triangles that give or take away Status Effect protection based on whether the triangles are pointing up or down. The protection during the "triangles up" period is +50 magnitude (so an AV would have 53 and a scaled-down-AV EB would have 56), and covers Hold, Knockback, Confuse, Repel, Disorient, and Fear effects, but does not include Sleep or Immobilize. During "triangles down", they have their normal protections.

Additionally, some NPCs have extra protection afforded by:

  • An inherent power granting increased inherent protection to one or more effects
  • A toggle or click power that grants protection