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An image that represents the given topic. For example, an article about a Badge would use an image of the Badge's icon. Some topics may have multiple images (such as Badges).

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1 Year Veteran Badge +Badge Year 1 Veteran.png  +


2 Year Veteran Badge +Badge Year 2 Veteran.png  +


3 Year Veteran Badge +Badge Year 3 Veteran.png  +


4 Year Veteran Badge +Badge Year 4 Veteran.png  +


5 Year Veteran Badge +Badge Year 5 Veteran.png  +
5th Columnist Badge +V badge BattleDomeBadge.png  +


6 Year Veteran Badge +Badge Year 6 Veteran.png  +


7 Year Veteran Badge +Badge Year 7 Veteran.png  +
7th Generation Paragon Protector Badge +V badge BattleDomeBadge.png  +


8 Year Veteran Badge +Badge Year 8 Veteran.png  +


A Light in Dark Astorias Badge +Badge tourism hazard accolade.png  +
A Nemesis Plot Badge +Badge event nemesisplot.png  +
A Neu Man Badge +P NovaPraetoriaExplorer.png  +
A Perfect Storm Badge +Badge it mom achievement.png  +
Abandoned Soul Badge +Badge TourismPraetoria.png  +
Abiding Badge +Badge vr months generic.png  +
Abiding Badge (Vet) +Badge vr months 057.png  +
Abomination Badge +V badge BattleDomeBadge.png  +
Above the Law Badge +Badge VigilanteAlignment.png  +
Abyssal Gaze Badge +Badge tourism hazard.png  +
Academic Badge +Badge history 01.png  +
Accelerated Badge +Badge holiday07 slalom silver.png  +
Acclaimed Badge +Badge influence 01.png  +, V badge InfamyBadge.png  +
Acclaimed Badge (AE) +Badge ArchitectRatedUp100.png  +
Accomplice Badge +WeeklyTFHelper01.png  +
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