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Police Chief Badge

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Your time spent working with both Paragon City Hall and the Paragon Police Department has earned you a great deal of respect. While logged out in either Paragon City Hall or a Police Department you'll earn uses for your Police Chief's Baton power.

Accolade Power

DayJob MeleeStun.png Baton Baton Power: Melee Minor DMG (Smashing) Foe Stun
Your authority gained from working in both law enforcement and for the city government has earned you usage of a Baton. Foes struck in melee combat with this weapon will suffer minor damage, but each strike has a high chance of disorienting the target. Additional uses of this power can be earned by logging out in either City Hall or a Police Station. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Very Fast

For every 8 hours, Character gains 1 charge up to a maximum of 30 charges.

How to Get

Badge DayJob LawEnforcement.png Law Enforcer Badge DayJob CityOfficial.png City Official
Badge DayJobAcc Warden.png Police Chief


  • The Police Chief badge is awarded to characters of the hero and vigilante alignments. The same badge on villains and rogues is called Corrupt Commissioner.
  • This badge is only awarded to characters of the hero or vigilante alignments. Although credit for this badge may be earned by villains or rogues, the badge will not be awarded to a character until they change alignment.

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